Virtual Consultation

You can now consult with Doctor Gandhi while at home!

Dr. Gandhi will provide you with informal assessments and explanations of unusual findings and possible course of action that you can follow with the most appropriate treatment plan.



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An Ideal Picture Would Look Like​

Our Virtual Consultation provides the initial information needed for treatment and provides a cost estimate. You can have a virtual consultation while relaxing at home, so you can save yourself the trouble of going to the clinic.

Book Your Virtual Consultation

  • At your virtual consultation, we will ask you for your needs and expectations. We will assess your mouth and teeth through the video call.
  • Please make sure that when the video connection is made, you can get as close as possible to your device’s camera, allowing us a better view to assess your mouth and teeth.
  • We will discuss and explain your treatment preferences as well as alternative options.
  • A verbal treatment plan will be given, offering you some understanding of the procedures involved and the cost implications.
  • Following your virtual consultation and once you have decided to proceed with treatment, you will need to visit the clinic to complete the video assessment with a clinical assessment. A written treatment plan will then be given to you, confirming the costs involved. If the conditions are right and it is clinically possible, your treatment could start during that visit.


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