Dental Exam

Cleaning, X-Rays, & Personalized Exam

Pain Free

Comfortable Cleaning

A gentle and complete cleaning to ensure your oral health.

Comprehensive oral exam

Dr. Gandhi will examine your mouth to check for signs of gum disease, cavities, infected teeth, oral cancer, and other such oral health issues.

An exam that’s designed to solve and prevent future oral issues.

Safety first

All Safety Measures are taken.

Cleaning, X-Rays, & Exam

You’ll receive a deep cleaning to get rid of any bacteria, tartar, or plaque that may be accumulating in places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush of floss. X-rays are taken to detect preventable dental problems.

Oral Cancer Screening

After your exam, Dr. Gandhi will discuss her findings with you. If you have a good oral health, you’ll just schedule your next six-month visit. If Dr. Gandhi noticed an issue, though, she’ll develop a custom treatment plan to ensure your oral health.

What Our Patient Say

About Dr. Gandhi

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, is a board-certified general and cosmetic dentist serving New York City at two convenient Bronx locations. Dr. Gandhi and her team have been an integral part of the Bronx community for over five years. With 10 years of professional experience, Dr. Gandhi is not simply a “tooth doctor,” she actually educates her patients about their oral health, so they can lead fulfilling, healthy lives.

Passionate about education, Dr. Gandhi graduated from New York University in New York City, with honors in oral and maxillofacial surgery and in TMJ pain management in 2009. After graduating in the top 1% of her class, she was inducted into the National Dental Honor Society Omicron Kappa Upsilon for two consecutive years. Dr. Gandhi later completed her general practice residency at the prestigious Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens.

A family-oriented dentist who truly connects with her patients, Dr. Gandhi has made it a point to train in a wide range of complex dental treatments and procedures, so she can be as accessible as possible to patients of all ages. Her loyal patients know they’re in good hands when they come to Dr. Gandhi with any dental concern.

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, is a full-service dental clinic that emphasizes the importance of prevention above all else. Dr. Gandhi performs treatments such as root canal therapy, dental crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, Invisalign®, laser gum therapy, scaling and root planing, and more. To learn more about the services Dr. Gandhi offers, call her offices or schedule a consultation online today.