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How Dental Implants Can Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Oral Health


Unlike other forms of tooth replacement, which have to be altered and replaced over time if something falls out or chips, dental implants are designed to be permanent and function just like your other teeth. You have your natural bite, and you’ll never have to worry about awkward moments with dentures or ill-fitting bridges because dental implants function just like your other teeth.

Imagine eating and drinking just like you did before losing your teeth, and think of the confidence you’ll have enjoying your favorite meals in the company of friends. With nothing to irritate your gums on a daily basis like dentures can, you’ll come away from getting a dental implant with a happier and healthier smile.

Here at the dental office of Dr. Nishita Gandhi, we have years of experience placing dental implants and can give you back your natural smile and self-confidence.

Understanding dental implants

A dental implant is a metal post that replaces the tooth root in your gum and jawbone, allowing for a replacement crown to be placed on top. With the firm structure of the implant in place and the natural-looking replacement tooth that is color-matched to your other teeth, it looks and functions just like any other regular tooth.

How the procedure works

First Dr. Gandhi surgically places the metal post into your jawbone where the tooth root used to be. She also attaches an abutment, which is a smaller, connector post where the crown is attached. An impression is made which is essential to be sure the new tooth matches the rest of your teeth and offers maximum comfort. Later the new crown is secured to the abutment.

In some cases, several dental implants can also be used to secure your upper or lower dentures.

What a dental implant can do for you

A dental implant is designed to be permanently fixed and allows you to eat, drink, and talk normally without the discomfort that can occur with dentures. Because the jawbone tissue fuses with the post, once the implant is in place it won’t shift or affect the other teeth, helping to improve your overall dental health. 

Implants are durable, improve the look of your smile, and help you chew and speak normally. An implant won’t slide or fall out, and with proper care it can last a lifetime.

If you’re healthy enough to undergo oral surgery, then chances are you can get a dental implant. Studies report that the success rate of implants in healthy patients is over 95%, and the results can give you a smile to last a lifetime. Consult with Dr. Gandhi by calling one of our offices in The Bronx, New York City. Or you can book online to see how a dental implant can help bring back your smile.

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