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Am I a Candidate for Flexible Dentures?

More than 36 million Americans suffer from toothlessness. Missing some or all of your teeth can impact your overall health, self-esteem, and ability to eat and speak comfortably. 

Functioning teeth are essential for good oral health, and thankfully Dr. Nishita Gandhi is happy to offer several of modern dentistry’s finest options — including partial and full dentures. Flexible dentures are another option for creating your dream smile. 

If you’re ready to restore the form and function of your mouth, here’s what you need to know about flexible dentures.

What are flexible dentures?

All dentures are a type of dental prosthesis designed to replace all (or some) of your missing teeth. Dentures are composed of two parts: a base and prosthetic teeth.

Flexible dentures earn the name “flexible” because the base is made of a softer, nylon material that is much more flexible than traditional acrylic denture bases.

Benefits of dentures

Flexible dentures provide you with some of the same benefits as other acrylic or resin dentures. 

All dentures can do these things to benefit your mouth and health:

In addition to the above list, flexible dentures provide you with a number of additional benefits. 

Flexible dentures are more comfortable 

Traditional dentures are fabricated out of resin or acrylic. These materials are rigid and require your gums to adjust to the dentures. On the other hand, nylon dentures are flexible, so they conform to your gums — not the other way around. As a result, there is a much shorter and more comfortable adjustment period. Flexible dentures also reduce the risk of sores from your gums rubbing on the rigid dentures. 

The comfort of flexible dentures was confirmed in a review published in the Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences. The article cited a study where 100% of patients preferred the feel of flexible dentures over traditional acrylic dentures.

Flexible dentures are less fragile

If you’ve ever had to clean dentures, you know they can be a little slippery. It’s essential to keep dentures moist (so they keep their shape), but this increases the chance the dentures slip out of your hand. Resin or acrylic dentures can break if dropped. Flexible dentures are more forgiving and are less likely to break.

Tip: Always wash your dentures over a towel so if they do slip from your hands, the towel can provide an extra cushion.

There’s no need for adhesive with flexible dentures

Traditional dentures require adhesive to keep the dentures secure. That’s not necessarily the case with flexible dentures. Due to the nature of the soft nylon, these dentures conform to your gums and naturally form a suction that helps hold them in place. This means you have a better fit without the need for glue.

Are flexible dentures right for you? 

Although flexible dentures are less prone to breakage and more comfortable, they can be harder to keep clean. If you opt for flexible dentures, it’s important to maintain a solid oral care routine.

You don’t have to make the decision alone though. Dr. Gandhi and our dedicated team can help you explore your options for replacing missing teeth.

If you’re ready to restore your smile, contact us to find out if flexible dentures are right for you. To request an appointment, call one of our two offices in the Bronx, New York City, or simply use our easy online booking tool.

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